No puffy face for runners…

It’s my rest day today and instead of running, dropping dumbbells or kettle balls or falling off exercise balls, I finally get to read my emails.

Here is the one that intrigued me over the past few days: Top 5 facelift foods. You can follow the link or just keep reading here. The article claims that these foods help keep botox and a facelift away. So, I figured I should read:

  • Spinach – prevents wrinkles and reduces dark circles under the eyes. Not sure I am buying this. I eat lots of spinach, but I keep getting dark circles. Hmm, would they be worse if I ate less spinach?
  • Oysters – also prevent dark circles under the eyes. Hmmm, maybe I should start eating more of these?
  • Garlic – treats acne. Haven’t had acne in many years and can safely walk around in twilight. Full points here. 🙂
  • Avocados – reduce acne again and prevent premature ageing. I love avocados. Now I love them even more.
  • Bananas – prevent a puffy face and bags under the eyes. I’d safely say, all runners should be puffy-face-free.

You are on your own now. I am off to the shops… 🙂

Happy Thursday!


~ by tatjana.k on March 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “No puffy face for runners…”

  1. It’s just so like those darn healthy foods to go after our weaknesses!

  2. Bananas hey? Who’d have thought! Hasn’t worked for me yet? 🙂 Enjoy your shopping!

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