A spring weekend… and revised refueling strategy…

What a crazy idea!

Saturday morning the rain came down and there was nothing much to do outside, so I decided to hit the gym for some easy tempo running. Easy, because I had made plans to run on Sunday morning with my running buddies, Y and S in  the park. S and I needed another long run in preparation for the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon which is only 4 weeks away now! YEAH!!!

Anyway, back to Saturday…

So, I started running at a very leisurely pace on the treadmill and every 800 meters I upped the pace by one tick. 9 miles later, after I reached my 10k pace, I stopped. CRAZY!! I knew I was running 12 miles on Sunday, so running 9 miles the day before seemed really like a silly idea to me. After a short break I headed out to grab coffee and sugary treats with my friend I. That (and the hot chocolate and the banana/super-berry granola/yoghurt and pasta I had before I headed out) seemed to work great for my recovery.

Sunday greeted me with sunshine and I was so happy that Y, S and I picked this day for a long run. Y was on fire! We are still trying to get her to sign up for a half marathon.

Surprisingly, I didn’t hurt from my Saturday run and though I ran just slightly slower than my usual long runs, the distance (12 miles) was ok despite the run the day before. It seems that my focus on tempo and interval training really is building strength. It’s starting to be noticeable in my long runs which seem to have become a little faster and definitely stronger.

After the run, I tested Saturday’s recovery routine again:

  • hot chocolate
  • banana/super-berry granola/yoghurt
  • pasta

All that again followed by meeting friends for coffee and further fueling up with

  • a latte
  • sugary treats

just does the recovery trick! 🙂

I am not really endorsing sugary treats for every day use. I reserve mine for days of longer runs (8 miles and more).

Not surprising anymore, I feel totally great today. Not sore at all. But I will give my legs a rest today.

And, on a side note, my basketball college team made it into the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament! GO GREEN!

March Madness at it’s best! 🙂


~ by tatjana.k on March 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “A spring weekend… and revised refueling strategy…”

  1. Isn’t it great when chocolate is part of your recovery and it really works? 🙂 All good recovery foods you mention, high in carbs and antioxidants. Just a couple suggestions: increase a bit the intake of protein (examples: good plant based protein powder, tofu with your pasta, a hand full of nuts as a snack) and try and have a good part of the recovery nutrition 30 minutes right after the hard/long workout and the rest within the following 1.5 hour. Chocolate milk has actually the perfect ration of carbs to protein you should use in recovery: 1 gram of protein to 4 of carbs. During that day, increasing antioxidant intake will also help…any kind of berry will do and if you want to take it up a notch, tart cherry juice! All about replenishing glycogen and getting protein to help muscle recovery. Enjoy!

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