London Bupa 10,000 – a race in the sun

Today I ran the London Bupa 10,000 with my running buddy S and another – I don’t know – 30,000 runners.

On my journey to the race – one of these typical London journeys: you arrive at the station, the station is closed, all trains are suspended and you need to fend for yourself (I am digressing…) – so on my journey I had 2 thoughts (actually 3, the third one was related to London Transport and included bad language, so it didn’t make it on my blog…). Anyway, I made it to Green Park in time.

First, it was sunny and getting hot. I was starting to plan out my race strategy. Bearing in mind that I’ll be running a half marathon next week, I figured I should go with the flow and take it easy. Good, first thought sorted.

My second thought was “what a bummer”. I am pretty sure a few fellow bloggers were running, wouldn’t it have been a great opportunity to meet up? Well, I’ll be running the British 10k in London in July – maybe anyone is running that one and we can have a little bloggers’ reunion? Give it a thought.

In Hyde Park after the race showing off my medal

The race started off quite well. Plenty of charity runners, many people in costumes despite the heat. I was wearing my Team in Training jersey with my name on it and had a few encouraging shout outs! It was great! I love the spectator support during these races! I had a really great day today, so I don’t want to dwell too much on the negative, but there were only 2 water stations on this 10k course. Now, in normal British weather (cold, damp) it may have been sufficient, but in the heat (and more importantly with the sun beating down from close to its highest of the day), it was just not enough.

Dear Bupa 10,000 organizers: you put on a great race, but PLEASE add water stations when it’s this hot!

The race had kilometer markers rather than mile markers which I first thought to be annoying, but then I quite liked the speed at which you arrive at each new marker. Due to the heat and lack of water though (and my upcoming half marathon), I decided not to risk an injury and took it just a little slower than I trained for. After the race, S and I headed to Hyde Park for a picnic in the shade. Apparently, there was another race in Hyde Park. Busy running weekend!

Happy race day!


~ by tatjana.k on May 27, 2012.

5 Responses to “London Bupa 10,000 – a race in the sun”

  1. I was thinking about entering this but with all the London marathon training and charity fundraising I never got round to it. It’s definitely a nicer distance and one that can be pushed hard without destroying the body. Maybe next year 🙂

  2. I am doing the British 10k as well! am more than happy to meet up 🙂
    word of warning – it is not nearly as well organised as BUPA, the start is total chaos, and it can take ages to cross the start line

    • Let’s plan to meet up! 🙂 I ran the British 10k last year. It was hot, too, that day. Yup, and the start line was chaotic. I could see the start (not even hear the announcement) and thousands of runners passed by before I even reached the start line… I consider these scenic London runs my sightseeing runs. 🙂

  3. not having water at a race seems soooo ridic, especially when it’s hot out! it’s downright dangerous, actually.

    good job on holding a nice steady pace. you’ll be in great shape for your half marathon upcoming. i’m excited for you. you’ve also been inspiring me. i’ve been running a few more times this past week again. i’m still all slow and out of shape, but i’ll build back up =)

    a friend of mine is getting married new london next week – i wish i was coming so badly. i could have done the race as well and been part of a blogger meet up. maybe someday soon i’ll journey back to england. it is, after all, one of my most favorite (favourite) places to see!

  4. Makes me want to come to London. I have a layover there in October. When I was there with 2 of my granddaughters in 2009 we went on a bike tour that took us through the park… Beautiful!

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