Olympic Cycling Road Race – Women

THIS was a race to watch.

We picked a different viewing spot today and watched the Olympic women road race cyclists race out of Richmond Gate and on to Richmond Bridge. We thought that was a scary corner. Downhill coming from the park and then a sharp left turn…

The one thing you don’t get watching these races from the side of the road is the nail-biting finish. I always need to check later who actually won. What you do get though are the things that you don’t get to see on TV…

The many police motorcyclists warming up us spectators getting us ready for the cyclist. You don’t get to see the policemen posing on their motorcycles, high-fiving the crowd, doing all sorts of stunts to get the crowd cheering.

warming up the crowd

The cyclist all arrived here (approx. 16km into the 140km race) still close together. The sky was still dry, the roads were still mostly dry.

Olympic cycling road race-women – 16km into the race

The field looked very different a lot of miles/kilometers later. The rain had poured down a few times at this point and the streets were quite wet.

We moved into Richmond Park right at Richmond Gate to view the cyclists coming back on their way to the finish line at The Mall. NOW, this was the really scary corner…

The street was wet and the corner was on a very tight angle. Everyone had to slow down to make this corner. We saw a couple of cyclists running into the barriers. No one fell or got seriously hurt, but it did slow them down.

the lead cyclists with only 15km to go

A few minutes later another group made the corner.

the next group coming through

Another thing you don’t get to see on TV are the sweep cars. At the very end when this one came through the sun made it finally out behind the clouds again.

Do you see the broom attached to the sweep car?

I love the broom…


~ by tatjana.k on July 29, 2012.

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  1. Thank you for sharing photos and your story, Tatjana. We were there too but on their way back to the finish line. I was so excited to witness the greatness of talent! superb despite the pouring rain.

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